David Benjatschek

Acclaimed Author & Speaker, David released the Authorenticity® Workshop Series for leaders and teams in 2013. It has been getting rave reviews from its participants. The workshops series is based on David's second book "Authorenticity®: A Pathway to Purpose" The book helps individuals define a process to help answer the age old question: "What was I born to do?!"

As a corporate leader or someone looking to advance their career that is an important question. When you can lead people to a place where their job matches their purpose they are twice as productive and twice as happy doing it.

Authorenticity training gets at the heart of performance and success and is delivered innovatively and passionately. 2014 will see the debut of Authorenticity live and interactive webinars. If you want training that gets results, contact David.

You can purchase Authorenticity on amazon.ca