Youssef Shahin

Started my career working for ITWorx one of the biggest software services company in Egypt. Then moved on to a startup called Technivance where I was part of a great team working on an interesting E-Comerce solution.

After finishing development I went to Microsoft Advanced Technology Labs in Cairo (ATL Cairo) formarly known as CMIC (Cairo Microsoft Innovation Centre) and started working on for the Arabian markert for both English and Arabic.

Still at Microsoft I went to work with one of the greatest teams ever Machine Translation Team; owner of, there I was a frontend developer working on enhancing and evolving their services and finding new ways to use our great MT Engine.

I love open source technology and love to learn new things, I already now PHP and started to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails as a framework. I have to say RoR is AMAZING and I hope to be good enough to start contributing to the code base.

If you are interested in pairing with me please feel free to email me