Zahra Nealy

Born in L.A., but grew up in Delaware. Graduated from both UCLA and USC. I suppose that makes me a person divided? Haha. Living the good life and seeing where the road takes me. I'm a PR professional with interests in the  non-profit, consumer, arts & entertainment and fashion industries. Fascinated by how perceptions are created and how they create stereotypes. Always in awe of the constructions of race and ethnicities in a post-colonial society. I am a multi-ethnic black woman being of African, Native American, Hispanic and European descent. Love American muscle cars. The 1967 Ford Shelby GT 500 will be mine one day. IMDB addict. Love to travel; I've been to South Africa and Dubai. Would love to visit Thailand, Hawaii, British Columbia and Egypt. Work with animals and it's very rewarding! 

P.S. I took the background photo at Boulder Beach in Simonstown right outside of Cape Town, South Africa.