Zaki Qayoumi

Zaki grew up in France, and is an Ohio State Buckeye Alumnus, living in Sacramento, California. He holds both American and French passports.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economic Development Studies & Persian Studies from The Ohio State University. Has experience in Data Analysis, QA/QC, Ads Quality Rating, and translation work (French).

Previously worked at: ALLDATA, Workforcelogic/Zerochaos (twice on-contract for Google), BMW Financial Services, French Cultural Center of Kabul (internship), and Newsvine (internship) for which he received the "Random Act of Vineness" award.

Has taken part in the Startup Weekend Sacramento, in which the team Farm2Family won "Best Community Startup".

Interests: Soccer, Writing, Indietronica, Ping-Pong, Podcasting, Startups & Manchester United

Skills: Native French speaker, Speak Persian conversationally, Data Analysis, QA/QC, Ads Quality Rating

You can listen to Zaki's Indietronica podcast at