ZANE AVETON ~ Digital Strategy | Community | Social Mojo

Stuff People Say:

"Zane is skilled at the nuance of brand development, digital strategy, and authoritative presence. She masterfully delivers original, curated and targeted campaign content as friendly conversation."

"Zane is one of the best when it comes to cultivating attention and positive brand awareness. Her unique and professional approach to social media advocacy and brand evangelism sets the bar quite high."

"Zane is a truly vibrant and authentic personality. She easily connects to people and quickly fosters feelings of trust and specialness. She is powerful at the helm of projects, campaigns and as a digital voice for brands because she is both intrinsincly tactical and naturally magnetic."

Stuff I Say:

Today I use my own life experience as a former sales executive, strategic brand manager, and business owner to professionally advocate and influence conversations for brands. My specialties include the tactical process of building a vibrant and engaging online audience [community management] + consulting with businesses to help them integrate a social strategy into their company goals.

My Community Manager Mantra:

Community Managers are the personality and voice of your brand. They are also the thought provokers, the lovers, the approachable human aspect, the skillful responders, the salespeople so good at selling and driving campaign BUZZ, that they are not selling at all ~ and simply sharing the awesome. They are the strategic eyes and ears, the idea stimulators, the liasions, the valuable connectors and the alliance builders. They are knowledgeable content creators ~ equally skillful at discovering and curating content that what will keep all [the right] eyes attentively focused on your brand.

In a world where all attention is converging, the Community Manager is now one of the most important and impactful positions in your business model. Choose THE ONE(s) who best articulates your brand strategy and personifies what differentiates your brand as unique, memorable and relevant.

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Stuff I predict You Will Say:

"VERY GOOD THINGS happened when Zane aligned with our Brand.