Doug Zanger

Doug Zanger is a creative bohemian from Portland, Oregon -- and a little North(west) of usual.

His most important job? Being a father to a five year old boy with endless energy, a two year old girl with equal amounts of energy and husband to a woman who clearly is among the most patient on the planet.

During the day, Doug is the Director of the Advertising Week Social Club, and part of the Advertising Week and Advertising Week Europe marketing, programming and development mix.

He also does other various creative, marketing and social projects for a roster of East and West Coast clients.

During this 18 year creative journey, Doug has taken home some decent hardware, been a jury president for the London International Advertising Awards, on the Radio Mercury Awards and New York Festivals juries among others.

One of Doug's greatest professional joys is doing voice work. He has contributed to a wide-range of brands including Starwood, Intel, Cisco, SAP, Jiffy Lube, Nike, Kroeger, the Port of Portland and more. He was also the voice of Patrick Henry in an educational film that did not result in a BAFTA nomination.

Another great professional adventure is teaching. Doug was an adjunct at Mt. Hood Community College and taught at the University of Oregon School Of Journalism and Communication.

A native of Minnesota, Doug spent his high school years in suburban Philadelphia, his college days in Denver and London, and has called Portland home for the past 22 years.

Doug is a Friend of Caldera, an arts organization founded by Dan Wieden that develops arts and creativity programs for underserved youth in Oregon. He also is on the Board of Directors of the Portland Advertising Federation.