Long, long ago.

Far away.

The clear pitch of a single note could be heard across all lands.

Clear as the desert's winter sky.

Unerring as the ocean's horizon.

Ancient as the World's mantle.

That sound - instantly recognisable.


Known since the first glint in the eye of our arboreal ancestors...

That sound was me.

Me and my kazoo. Keepin it real.

--- --- --- --- ---

Manchester fellow. Plays allsorts of games mostly digital, Ports of Call, Kentucky Route Zero, Robotron, Tomb Raider Underworld, Brutal Loop, Minecraft, TF2, Squad Leader.

Likes to create with digital things. Plays well with Maya, Mudbox, AE, most stuff that connects to Audiobus, AI, PS. Love my Intuos Pro.

Quite likes beer. Routes around Kinder Scout, 5k on the treadmill at every opportunity, plays bass & acoustic guitar, can sing in the shower. Bit fussy about food (vegan diet since 1991). Badass wife & wicked son. Love reading fantasy and science fiction, crack shot with a shotgun, good at reversing vehicles, likes magnets.

Do not like ironing. Very impractical.