adel pourtaher

Born in 1976, I still remember the challenge which my father made as a breadwinner of a big family of 9.Despite all financial problems, he put on rather a cheerful face taking a lot of pride on our educational achievements. Like all my Brothers and sisters, I was also sent to school in Tabriz. I managed to pass Elementary and Guidance levels and enter Amirkhizi high school in Tabriz. I graduated in 1994 .Highly affected through an elder brother who was studying General Linguistics at the time and my own appeal toward teaching languages, I made my mind to study TEFL (teaching English as a Foreign Language). I studied very hard and as an straight-A student, I was able to graduate with an average of 17.56.My intensive as well as extensive readings and some very learned and hardworking teachers at Tabriz Azad University all cemented the way for higher studies. Tabriz Azad University was the place where I was accepted for an MA in TEFL.I could get a lot of information in the field both thorough theoretical studies and practically as a part-time teacher in different language centers. In 1999, I managed to present my dissertation as ‘Contrastive genre analysis in Farsi and English Narrative texts in terms of Referential Devices.’ I received an MA degree with an average of 15.91.Since I was a senior graduate student, I have been teaching English conversation and grammar in different Institutes which I am going to mention below and at the moment I am a staff member at Islamic Azad University-Ilkhchi Branch . Teaching experiences: Sobhe Enghelab,Goldis, Simin,Ava,and Iran Language Institutes for almost 10 years. Tabriz Azad University since 2007 teaching grammar,translation,and basic conversation classes. Ahar and Kaleibar Azad Universities. Ilkhchi Azad University since 2007 as a full-time staff member. Manegerial experiences: English department supervisor at Ilkchi Azad University. Supervisor and classroom observer at Simin Language Center, Tabriz. I have also hold TTC (teacher training courses) at this center and selected its Teachers since then. I have passed certain educational workshops as requirements for University Lectuerers at Azad University. (Study skills-Teacher-student relations-Research Principles-Major student crisis and writing ISI research papers). Finally, I can refer to my one-volume compilation of ‘General English for University Students