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antonio russu

Amsterdam, Netherlands

antonio russu

Amsterdam, Netherlands

My Business Journey begun as a Classical Musician, Clarinet, back in Sardinia, Italy. Moved to Paris, France, I have worked as Classical Performer in variuos European Countries.

Following a series of 'life challenges' I moved to Los Angeles, CA-USA, where I joined a small Documentary Film Production company. Here a was exposed to corporate working (e.g. Sony Entertainment).

A year later I moved back to Europe, where I joined Hewlett Packard Company (HP) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I spent around 12 years @HP, where I progressed from Customer service representative in: PM, Outsourcing Manager for services, Consumer Retailer PM and finally Global Sales manager

Seeking for more challenging opportunities I did provide consulting services to vaiours companies, until I was invited to join the Royal Dutch Telecom (KPN) to sell Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services globally.

Since 2011 I decided to launch my own company: The East Ventures, now DomusROJA BV, around a new concept: mobile services and safety, as well as consutiling companies about the creation of a successful "Digital Experience".

Currently I am consulting at Royal Philips: I lead a number of Projects in their leading Business Transformation Program: Accelerate!

  • Work
    • Digital Experience Visionaire
  • Education
    • Master Business Administration
    • Conservatorium of Paris
    • INSEAD master