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Pedro Vilaça

My girlfriend frequently jokes about me wanting to be everything. Well, I have a broad scope of interests!

I love to learn, to create, to solve problems and to understand how everything works.

My personal motto is "It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be".

This translates into a strong passion for excellence and details! I'm very proactive and seek continuous improvement.

I can't stand laziness and stupidity. Excellence requires a lot of effort.

I think differently - outside the box, inside the box, no box at all!

Debate and discussion are very helpful processes when attempting to explore all possibilities.

I took Economics - a challenge and an unusual chain of events that lead me to it.

It was one of my best decisions! I acquired another different way of thinking and useful skills.

I strongly believe that we shouldn't be doing the same thing all the time.

I'm not afraid of change because I can adapt! I need challenges and new things!

"Who thinks or says "I can't" sets his own limits". I don't like 'I can't' !

I like to experiment - failure is part of my life because it makes me better.

I do not fear uncertainty! The best opportunities are found in crisis.

I do have long term plans but no short term ones. Flexibility is the key!

One day I want to live and work in Tokyo. Why not?

Life is long, the World is full of possibilities! I want to have fun and be happy.

Oh and I bought a Porsche 911 for my 30th birthday - I challenged myself when I was 19.

There's nothing like a secondary road full of curves and a 911 :-)