Amulya Nidhi Rastogi (Vigilante Superhuman)

Planet Earth

I am a keen observer, a dreamer, a philosopher, an experimenter and an aspiring entrepreneur.
I have a dream of a world united .
There are only 2 ultimate goals in my life :-
1. Design spacecrafts which have the capability to travel very large distances and which can travel time also. And, create a settlement outside Earth, be it in space or any other planet. And, search for life outside Earth.
2. Live forever to achieve that goal.

I believe I am immortal.
And, trust me - it's all a state of mind.

I want to remain a child.
After all, who the fuck wants to grow up ?

I am an empty glass. I am constantly searching for better things to fill my glass with. After all, you are what you acquire from this world. Keep improving.

I am a good liar.

You Don't Rule Me .