Abhishek Valaboju

Consultant, Project Manager, and entrepreneur in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Born and raised in Zambia, immigrated to Canada in '98.

My life is dedicated to living at my highest potential in my health, career and relationships, and facilitating powerful positive transformations in my life and others'.

My mission is to lead and inspire people to live in congruence with a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe.

From learning Jiu Jitsu to ballroom dancing to hiking to skiiing to fitness to meditating, I believe mind and body health is a life imperative.

I thrive in a lifestyle of continuous improvement.

I work with the Sookshma Centre for Overall Well-being. Sookshma Center for Overall Well-being is a holistic abode of overall welfare of an individual. The centre is built on the foundation of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda for Mind, Body and Spirit. www.Sookshma.ca | @sunitasookshma | facebook.com/sookshma.centre

The non-profit arm of this organization is Peace Tree Society through which we conduct community campaigns to elevate inner wellnessand global oneness. www.PeaceTree.ca

I am a graduate of UBC's Bachelor's of Applied Science in Computer Engineering.

I currently work as a Cloud Computing Consultant with Traction on Demand. @tractionsm

I've worked in various roles in IT and business. LinkedIn profile here: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/abhishekrv/

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In Integrity.


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