Photographer and Designer in 東京都, 日本

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Hi, This is Yusuke from Japan.

Thx visit my "About me", I dont like introduce myself but no one do that for me so, let me try.

I have two gifts that design and taking photo. oh in additionsome special Japanse sense humore! thats more imortant.

Because I was system engenner that was my 1st company, but everybody is so smart, and im NOT! but i could work somehow for 4 years cos my charactor, actually all IT ppl is like geek so i can talk and make some relax to ppl around me so everybody like me...i dont have much skilll though...

And the company make me soooo busy, i felt...omg the company would kill me...this is my life? this is my life? NOOOOoooooo!

then I quite my job then start to be backpacker even i couldnt speak English at all.

*I studid English in Malaysia

* travell Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnum, India, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Philipine, England, France.

*I have worked in Mauritius

*working holiday in Australia.

I ve been many countries, but now Im living in Japan, I dont have much chance to meet new ppl and foreigner. So after u read my intoroductions, contact me. real me is much more fun, if u read this, already u r LOL,,,dont contact me, u cannot survive.