Ahmed Fasih

Dayton, Ohio, United States

After enjoying programming and Unixing for years, I discovered applied math in mid-undergrad and decided it would be harder and therefore more interesting than “just” software engineering. I have since revised my views, but I’ve been able to combine both sets of interests in industry and, before that, grad school (terminal ABD in electrical engineering at Ohio State).

Past projects include designing new radar signal processing algorithms, implementing fast backprojection imaging on GPUs using CUDA, managing the machine learning engine for a counter-IED camera–radar system, and implementing next-gen target tracking algorithms in C++.

Right now I find myself slinging boatloads of Javascript and C (go figure). And when not applying math or writing code, I enjoy studying Japanese, Chinese, and many other of this world’s languages and literatures.

Finally, les ch’tits bonhommes with me are, clockwise from me (far right), Alistair, Emily, and little Basile. They’re monkey magic.