Alex Ahmedinejahd

Finance in San Diego, California

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I am a US citizen who was born in Europe, but grew up most of my life in the US. We live somewhere in the 50 states, buttravel a lot. I have multiple advancedegrees in engineering, business, finance, and economics, but no philosophydegree. I am married to the love of mylife and soul mate and have two children. I hate injustice with a passion, no matter what form it comes in. I’m not a millionaire, but I am better offthan most and have a source of income. I’velived in many countries including some in Europe and the Americas, and a littlein Asia. I enjoy playing some sports,but the sporting event that I like to watch most is the Olympics and getemotional watching Bud Greenspan’s Olympic stories series. I like romance and shed tears for people whoovercome injustice or struggle to succeed, but couldn’t care less abouthomeless people in general. I hatepeople that are blindly religious, superficial, pretentious, politicallycorrect, short-sighted, sugar-coat words and ideas, indecisive, careless,foolish, don’t respect people for who they are, but respect people for whatthey are, and I don’t like people that treat others with disrespect anddisdain, because they can and can get away with it. Most of all, I hate the vast majority ofpoliticians, all stripes and colors of the jc clergy, sexists, bigots,socialists, communists, terrorists, rapists, child molesters, and powerful andwealthy people that abuse their power and wealth to get what they don’tdeserve. Irespect, admire and reward our military personnel and have done so long beforeit was popular to do so. I don’t have alot of friends, but a handful of close friends. I enjoy managing my own money and will only trust a very small handfulof people to give me advice in financial matters or give them my money tomanage. I am not physically handicapped,blind, deaf or retarded (at least by most standards). My IQ is about 130-145 depending on whomeasures it and how it’s measured, i.e., I’m not a genius. My favorite colors are primary colors, andblack and white depending on the purpose and reason. I enjoy going to Las Vegas and indulge in lowstakes gaming, but go for mostly golf, food and shows. I occasionally enjoy an alcohol-based drink,but don’t smoke, and I’m proud that I’ve never, ever taken any form of illicitdrugs. I’m generally fairly quiet andeasy going, but when someone touches my nerve or I get going on a particularsubject that I’m interested in, I am very passionate; however, many people areintimidated by my pas