Albert Schram

Education leader, Professor, and Teacher in Verona and Venice, Italy

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Greetings, I’m Albert!

I’m an educator and international education leader, currently living in Verona, Italy.

For 6 years I was Vice-Chancellor (Rector) at the Technical University in Papua New Guinea. During my career, I have lived and worked in 3 European and 7 Non-European countries in Latin America and the South Pacific, developing a good level of competence in (online) teaching, social sciences research and knowledge transfer.

I am a big fan of educational technology, learning, and coffee. I’m also interested in writing, lecturing, and reading in the fields of management, social sciences and humanities.

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  • Education
    • PhD - European University Institute (Italy)
    • MA - Utrecht University (Netherlands)
    • Minor - Leiden University (Netherlands)
    • Cert. - Clingendael Inst International Relations
    • Cert. - University of Californa Berkeley - ELA