Alissa James

San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey

My true passion is to travel around the world, crossing adventures off my list, while giving back to those in need and inspiring others to do the same.

"No small act of kindness is ever wasted. Someone is always watching even if you don't see them looking, they will always see the God in you."

Dream Jobs: Celebrity Chef, Architect, Interior Designer, International DJ

Favorite Cities: LA, Chicago, SF, Miami, DC, San Diego, NOLA, Vegas

Favorite Foods: Thai, Mexican, Italian, Cuban, Indian, Middle Eastern

Favorite Artists: MJ, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Prince, Drake, Beyonce

Favorite Blogs: Forbes, Mashable, Fashion Bomb, Travel & Lesiure

  • Work
    • Google, The New York Times, MSG, NYU, PBS, MTV