Andrea "Mo" Morrison

Seattle, Washington, United States


My name is Andrea Morrison (but you can call me Mo) and it is a rare day when I don’t have anything planned. I’m constantly on the go, and I make sure to go somewhere fun, eat something amazing, or try something new on pretty much a daily basis. So I figured, why not share my experiences with you on my blog: Blank Your Heart Out?? On my blog, you will see the adventures I’m lucky enough to embark on (and yes, for me, eating a sushi roll in the shape of a dragon IS an adventure). It is sort of a ‘diary’ of sorts for me to look back on…but if you read a post and you’re inspired to try a restaurant, activity, event, or even a store product I have given my ‘heart of approval’ on, I will be one happy girl. Consider me your guinea pig! There will never be a negative post because I think it’s extremely important to always focus on the positive. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you because I _EVERYTHING_ My Heart Out!

What will you _______ Your Heart Out??