Angela Knox

I have 3 great passions: education and training; empowering others spiritually as well as intellectually; and public speaking. Born in Atlanta, Georgia I am proud to be a Grady baby. In 1973, I attended Clark Atlanta University and there I majored in music. Graduating from the University of Georgia in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology, I learned to understand the real impact of hearing on the lives of people. It is not only what you hear physically, it is what you hear mentally. Afterwards graduating I worked in the Boston public school system as a Speech Therapist and attended Boston University to continue my education and expertise in Speech Therapy. Having returned to Atlanta, I attended Southern Tech University for certification in Technical Writing and took computer outsource training and development classes. My work experience includes 11 years of teaching and training. Finally, I was employed with a Government Agency, there I worked in accounting, training, personnel, collections and customer service. In about 1998 I was clinically diagnoses with Major depression and hospitalized for 4 months because of job stressors. After working there 21 years I retired on disability in 2006.