Angie McIntyre

Consultant in Arizona

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Think about this perfect hamster wheel: get women really busy with roles and relationships, increase their responsibilities, give them little down time, encourage them to over-function, isolate them from supportive women, throw in unsupportive women (cat fight!), watch stress increase, blame them for taking on too much and not taking care of themselves, watch them squeeze in a random act of personal care, now comes the discouragement because it didn’t help, depression or anger sets in, get back to being really busy with roles and relationships…

Exhausting, right? Honey, you deserve better and you know it's true.

I jumped off the hamster wheel and, let me tell you, life is good! Long-married, mother to four ages 11-24, mother-in-law, grandmother, educator, entrepreneur, runner, foodie, baseball fan, and decidedly not a hamster, I've transformed myself by increasing wellness and growing love bigger. You can too. Promise.

You know you want better for yourself and your loved ones. Let's connect!

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