Austin Gunter

Austin wasn't born in Texas. Actually, he was born in Carson City, Nevada, and didn't arrive in Texas until he was 10 years old. You might say that he got here as fast as he could, returning to the birthplace of 4 generations of his family just in time to become part of the Austin Startup Community.

Austin is a writer and connector. His specialty is connecting entrepreneurs to resources, and growing communities around brands and ideas that change the world by telling the narrative of a company's values and world-changing ideas. In 2012 he is linking entrepreneurs and incubation centers in Austin and nationwide. He writes customer-facing content for their blogs and newsletters in order to engage new customers. He's also been known to develop marketing strategies for brand new mobile apps.

He has built startup communities in Austin, Texas, consulted for F100 companies like Dell and AMD, and still does Myers-Briggs Training to help professional teams work better together.

Austin also practices Tai Chi, cooks all the time, tries to see how many books he can read simultaneously, and blogs at

Other areas of his life can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.