Benjamin Smithee

Lover of life, CEO of Spych, Flying more than driving, Hotel nomad, Sports addict, Food and wine makes me smile. Ben is the CEO of Spych Market Analytics, and has been labeled as a “true innovator”, and was nominated as one of the Top 10 Youth Marketing Professionals in 2010. Outside of research projects, he is often sought for consulting and speaking engagements on topics of digital marketing, multi-generational marketing, qualitative research, social media, online research, technology and entrepreneurship, successfully completing over 45 in the past 12 months. His high energy level and passion for innovation clearly resonates in all that he does. A sampling of his clients include Coca-Cola, General Mills, eBay, American Cancer Society, NOS, Fiat, Pfizer, Lilly, The National Guard, Hallmark, GEICO, Kroger, Ad Council, and South by Southwest Interactive. He has been a featured speaker around the globe, including ESOMAR’s Qualitative Summit in Morocco, and the 2010 global AQR/QRCA summit in Prague. He has also been a featured keynote speaker for the 2011 MRA CEO Summit, the Forrester Research Forum, QRCA, MRA, as well as the 2010 and 2011 South by Southwest Interactive Festival. Most recently, he was asked to serve on the Programme Committee for the 2011 ESOMAR Qualitative Summit in Vienna. Ben serves on the Board of Directors, for the DFW American Marketing Association, QRCA and the UNT Design Research Center. When Ben is not submersed in the world of research and business, he is living out his other passions of playing jazz saxophone, wakeboarding, snowboarding, baseball, golf, travel, food and wine.