Bikram Agarwal

Seattle, WA, USA

-- I AM --

+ Good with computers
- Not so lucky with women :(

+ Good with jokes of all kinds
- Bad with decent/formal conversation

+ I can take good photos
- A decent photo of me can't be taken

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A software Engineer by education, consultant developer by profession and tech freak by passion. I have a few blogs, used to write short stories. Used to make Android apps. Then life happened.

I read a lot. A LOT. All day.

I have an Android phone, an iPad and a Windows laptop - so, I've dipped my toes into all 3 major OS-es. (Psst.. Android is better than iOS)

I love music. You can say music is keeping me alive. Also, I can sing almost every popular song of last 10 years - start to end. I'm sucker for pain. Sad songs are my poison.

  • Work
    • Senior Consultant Developer, T-Mobile
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Information Sciences