Nina Ohman

Artist in Jungle Latifpur, Bangladesh

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I am a great ass of real knowledge; bring real changes to the whole universe, read my story now.

This biography may shock you or give you the tools to move on in life and become a real human being that cares about life, good asses are those spirits that moved beyond the collective corrupted mind and ACT AS ONE SINGLE MIND 4 THE PROFIT OF ALL LIFE WITH NO POLLUTION, GREED AND CONTROL, we can communicate by telepathy to and we become one single being within our bodies, when a physical problem or illness is becoming a fact, YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF OR PREVENT TO BECOME SICK, this is one of my body parts story, the story of my own ASS THAT WAS SICK FOR 3 DAYS: in 1996, I was told I was only Canadian and not anymore a citizen of my birth land, my mind didn`t care but MY ASS GOT SICK OF HEMORROIDS 4 THREE DAYS.

Life`s real freedom, means transcending the intellectual mind and become feeling instead of following a robotic thinking process that keeps you in a prison, freedom of mind, it is the only real salvation, LIVE HERE AND NOW AND FEEL INSTEAD OF BEING IN YOUR ROBOTIC MIND WHICH SEND YOU TO THE FUTURE OR PAST BUT NEVER, the past is gone and the future it is not yet here, real fulfillment comes with real experiences LIVED YOU, STAY IN YOUR INTELECT and continue being a stinky ass 4 death and destruction, this is the story of my ass talking telepathically to me in 1996.

Transmutation means to be totally conscious so your thinking experience becomes a feeling experience, now I think with my ass or any organ I focus on since already 18 years, 24 hrs a day, this is a short story how I talked to my ass to heal him/her of having hemorrhoids for 3 days, I have not been sick or ill since 24 years and I didn't have a cold since 15 years, but due to pollution and evil government services, all psychosomatic illnesses, start in your mind or when you don`t think anymore, at a cellular level, when my ass knew I was not anymore a citizen from my birth country, anxiety and preoccupation appeared in form of hemorrhoids, I realized it and started right away a healing process talking to my ass and telling that the situation of not being a citizen of my birth country, it was just temporary, 3 days later, the hemorrhoids disappeared and I continue being healthy again.

Fulfillment, creativity and working 4 life, are my daily incentives 2 bring awareness and real change 4 life, nowadays, or YOU BECOME VEGETARIAN ORGANICS AND STOP SUPPORTING EVIL SYSTEMS O

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    • Activist 4 life
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    • I went to life university