Brent Brewington

Lafayette, IN

I'm a Purdue grad living in Lafayette, IN where I've recently launched into a career in Lean and Quality. I seriously enjoy continuous improvement, optimizing the flow of information, and managing ideas.

When I'm not working I like to go on adventures, write & play music, sportify {disc golf, softball, and racquetball}, travel, lifehack things, and engage on social media with other people passionate about continuous improvement.

Top 5 random facts about me:

I keep a Google doc of invention ideas

I've played bass for some "interesting" groups: Wolfman and the Tasties, The Purduettes, and The Makeshift Gentlemen

I love to BeatBox

Dream Job #1: Gamification Design Consultant

Dream Job #2: Innovation Consultant

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  • Work
    • Kirby Risk Service Center
  • Education
    • Purdue University