Cat Gilardenghi

      What do I do? I blog hard, fast, & often. 

I am a PR Freelance Consultant, Social Media Strategist,  New media  entrepreneur, a Blogger, a Googleophile, a quirky writer & a Sagittarius. 

          Graduated Business administration oriented from High School 

   I studied Sociology and then got a degree in PR.

       I've worked as a waitress, as an intern in a Marketing and PR agency, as a cool hunter and as a Lobbyist for an international energy firm. I was NOT a good waitress.

      I learned English by watching Seinfield (and reading Perez Hilton while I was working at the PR agency).

I could eat ice cream every day, I love balloons, cupcakes, Bouncy Castles and I'm all about The Big Lebowski 

I'd never buy a product like Yonanas, but I'm seriously thinking about getting the AbTronic X2

      Oh!  If you need a dog walker or a puppy-sitter you should contact me.  I'm great with Puppies!  



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