Chris Struttmann

Indialantic, Florida

A word about Chris

Chris Struttmann is a Florida based Software Developer for his company, The Blue Array Network, L.L.C. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, working on his cars and a solid Sunday brunch.

Positions & Titles

Partner, Privicee -- a high tech startup focused on effective marketing, content delivery and asset management.

Founder, The Blue Array Network, L.L.C.

For more infromation on Chris' professional background, use the link below to check his LinkedIn profile.

Employers, Projects & Clients, Past and Current

DASH Financial

Market Cannon

Twice Text

Physical Addictions

Groome Technologies, L.L.C.

Offplanet, Inc. (in development)

Jackson Road Productions stock-photo library

Core Strength "Dash" platform (internal application)

... and more!

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    • Privicee