V Smith III

CONCRETE MUSIC GROUP is an independently-owned and operated company that strives to be a “one-stop shop” for all looking for the best in independent music from artists across the globe. We shun the idea of using the phrase “underground” as with the utilization of the internet for digital distribution ALL music is accessible. What separates CONCRETE’S catalogue is that it is for the true connoisseur, aficionado, pundit, tastemaker or whatever description you may choose for someone that truly appreciates great music in this DIY culture. Without trying to sound cliché or judgmental, there are a TON of people out here splattering the worldwide web with tepid, soulless semblances of “music”. All of the artists in the CONCRETE roster have been handpicked for their talent, presentation, professionalism, passion and overall attitude toward making music for the masses to enjoy.

A commitment has been made by CONCRETE to assist in the development of each artist so as to allow for them to operate truly as independent artists. All are signed to licensing deals to allow for them to maintain ownership of their music content and videos. Our aim is to create partnerships with our artists where we work together to grow within this volatile industry. This will be done with artists from the various genres presented by the company doing projects together and/or remixes being done in-house across the board to expand each other’s reach and catalogs; all after each artist has had their time to shine with the release of their own individual album projects. CONCRETE is a team in every sense of the word and the proof will be shown in the extraordinary quality of the music that we offer on a regular basis. I hope that you all are ready for this incredible ride we plan to take you on!!