Danielle Hinton

Who is Danielle?

Danielle is the founder and creator of ConstantlyAlice, Connie & Allie and The Halo Effect. She curates the vintage, crafts the handcrafted items, puts her graphic design talent to good use, shares her thoughts and tips on our blog and maybe obsesses a tinnnyyy bit about Dr. Who.

What’s ConstantlyAlice all about?

ConstantlyAlice is a whimsical, vintage, creative and literary inspired way of life. We aim to share lovely vintage and handcrafted finds, DIY, style tips, book reviews, retro makeup tips, recipes and inspiration!

What is The Halo Effect?

The Halo Effect is our sister shop. It features graphic design, greeting cards, invitations and customizable designs, all with ConstantlyAlice’s signature whimsy.

What is Connie & Allie?

Connie & Allie is ConstantlyAlice for one of a kind girls! You’ll find our same brand of whimsical, retro fun in girls clothing, accessories and gifts.

Where does the name ConstantlyAlice come from?

Danielle’s grandmothers were a big influence on her style and personality. Their names are Constance and Alice and the name is a tribute to them.

What is the ConstantlyAlice Philosophy?

We believe you are one of a kind. We love the unique, the quirky, the original. Our goal is to help you express yourself!

ConstantlyAlice also offers free personal style advice. Just head on over to our “Go Ask Alice” page and submit your questions..you may be a guest feature on our blog!

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