Corey Blackmur

Digital Marketing in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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I'll try to keep this short - yet still give you a glimpse of me and my life. I reside in the mid-west prairies of Canada - Saskatchewan to be exact (don't try to pronounce it - you'll just get frustrated). I live here with my beautiful wife and our dog (Duke), and if it were up to me, I’d spend my days golfing, meeting new and interesting people as well as some travel.

After decades of the corporate life I'm at peace in the direction I'm taking with my life, more on that below. My personal interests are family of which there is my wife of course, as well as my 3 boys, a step-daughter and our grand-daughter. I also enjoy sports, mostly golf and hockey, baseball comes in at 3rd, and I have a love for motorcycles, which I don't ride any longer, that's a story for another time..

I'm not unlike most anyone else - you could say my life encompasses a rags-to-riches-back-to-rags-then on to-riches again story, but that wouldn't exactly be spot on it's more like the result of many years of climbing the corporate ladder with periods of struggle, success, and loss - now I'm on a much different path. Over the course of 37-plus years (more like 40) I have been entrenched as a salesman, and consultant which resulted in many ups and downs or as some say peaks and valleys, at times challenging, at times a piece of cake.

At my age I had to really sit down and decide what I wanted to do for the final part of my journey? So how did I decide to finish that journey - well I really wanted to finish what I started years and years ago of course. “I decided I had to put myself in the drivers seat of my life and go back to what was in my mind many years ago, but on my terms not that of the corporate world's terms."

I've always had a dedication to promoting entrepreneurship, self employment and success strategies along with personal development - it just seemed to always be put on the back burner - as they say - life got in the way! This brings us to the present moment, where, after all the rises and falls, I have to say “I feel like the luckiest guy in the world." With one foot in the old corporate world and the other one in the new digital business models available today.