Corey Harris

hiking, running, and product management in San Francisco, California

Corey is a self-proclaimed "Student of Life" who takes life's lemons and makes lemonade. He enjoys marketing, technology and meeting new people.

He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2010 with an Economics Degree & Entrepreneurship Minor. While attending UNC, he founded Blinktextbooks, a cheap college textbook finder, and created an integrated marketing strategy around email marketing and was able to take a $75 budget and make a 10X return on investment. He also founded Blinkness, which helps college students find the most preferred professors. With Blinkness, Corey leveraged social media, paper flyers and email marketing to give Blinkness a penetration rate of 90% at UNC-Chapel Hill. Corey also worked with BEC Agency, a digital marketing agency, where he worked alongside the company's founders in leading now President Barack Obama's and the Democratic National Convention's mobile strategy. In March 2014, he joined Verizon Wireless as a Solutions Specialist and closed a 7-line GPS tracking deal with a towing company to help them streamline their operations.

He now works as an Account Executive for Yelp helping small businesses with choose appropriate advertising packages.

Corey believes his purpose in life is to serve as a source of inspiration for minorities looking to become involved in technology and marketing.

  • Education
    • UNC Economics Degree & Entrepreneurship Minor