Daren Forsyth

London, United Kingdom.

Have we met each other ?

If not, all you need to know about me is available via Bing, Google or Siri .

I mentor, advise, sit on Company Boards as a Non Executive Director and help find answers to tough challenges and issues. I do this for individuals and organisations.

Sometimes I work for free, but mostly I charge a per hour fee or agree a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual retainer with you or your organisation.

I am a proven, trusted and experienced man on many levels. My personal and business network is powerful and spans multiple industry sectors (Creative, Media, Fashion, Food, Non Profit, Sports, Culture, Politics, Venture Capital and the Internet) in many countries around the world.

I might just be able to inspire or help you do something differently, something that makes all the difference. Something you may think is impossible, is possible, try me.

Contact me:

Daren@140Characters.co.uk with Subject: "About Me"




"Be kind to all, for everyones journey is difficult"