David Bianco

Geospatial Data Manager in San Francisco, California

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Born in Berkeley, raised in Orange County, moved to SF in 2011.

I graduated from UCSB with a degree in Geography, and have had a career in GIS ever since. My focus has always been on data and server-side technologies. In the Fall of 2014, I completed a Data Engineering fellowship at INSIGHT.

I played basketball all the way through high school, then tried ultimate frisbee for a year after graduating college. At 27, I fell in love with cycling. Eventually began racing and won a couple Time Trial championships with PAA in 2009.

I grew up learning to play the piano, and then on my 16th birthday I got my first guitar. In the late 90s I played bass in my first band, Hearty Dharma. We played originals and covered Clapton, Dylan, Allman Brothers, and more. I played lead guitar in my second band, Chaser, in 2002. We concentrated on originals, music that I wrote. For two years beginning in 2014, I hosted a weekly 2-hour radio show, Postscript Radio, on BFF.fm. Playing post-rock and math-rock instrumentals, none of that verse/chorus stuff.

Currently exploring new hobbies...

  • Work
    • The Climate Corp
  • Education
    • UC Santa Barbara