David A. Chapa

Public Speaker, Musician, and Technology Executive in Denver, Colorado

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Since my early teen years I wanted to be in technology.

At age 13, wrote my first program in BASIC (video game)

At 16, I started in sales with ComputerLand, Store #11

At 17, I landed my first major account, Ernst & Whinney (back in the days of the Big 8)

Before graduating high school at 18, I was awarded "Top Salesman for the Midwest"

Went on to study Computer Science in College

Today, I am the CTO and Managing Partner for Elovate, a next generation IT Integrator headquartered in Chicago, IL.

I like hats & with nearly 30 years in Pre-Sales/Sales Management, Product Management, various Executive roles, Sr. Technologist, and Strategic Marketing, I have worn nearly every hat you can imagine.

My passion is connecting business to technology and helping both end-users and the vendor community to effectively and creatively communicate the real value message. That's where the fun begins!!

I'm an author and editor, check out my publishing credits here

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