Dawn Paap

I promote artists who create Dance for the Camera, or Videodances, and other Movement-based videos, such as Parkour, Circus Performers, and Video Art.

I feature short films daily on Video Dance TV's Social Media platforms. Tune into our VIDEO DANCE CHANNEL on YouTube to view the DANCE VIDEO OF THE DAY. Follow us on Twitter for daily alerts on new videos.

The focus of this media project is sharing innovations in dance films and web dance trends. We aim to help videos go viral, so please share our tweets & posts with others. Discover a collection of short films in Video Dance TV's SCREENING ROOMS on Blogger.

I also work as a Dance Film Producer. Our team is available to create short films with artists in NYC. Seeking dancers, choreographers, and circus artists to participate in a dance film series. Contact me at DanceFilmsNYC@gmail.com to audition.

I assist with marketing and business development support for dance organizations. Email me with inquiries or requests.

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