Doug (Đức) Casterton

Workforce cost efficiency and Business Acceleration in the United Kingdom

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I am a dedicated and results-driven professional with over 16 years' experience in leadership roles, and multiple awards under my belt, including an innovation award for 'Strategic Collaboration' awarded by Professional Planning Forum.

I possess strong powers of concentration, and the physical and mental endurance to withstand hardships as well as stress. I enjoy launching new initiatives and have throughout my career been involved in some exciting and entrepreneurial activities both in the UK and Singapore. I have a reputation for knowing how to get projects moving forward, a flair for examining and interpreting things that can be difficult to understand, and the ability to break them into their basic parts enabling understanding of how & why certain things do or do not operate properly.

Below are links to my work history, a video link to a recent talk I held on my involvement in the implementation of cutting edge technology that maximises options for productive changes by using AI and automated processes and finally my professional blog on the topic of workforce planning.