Jan Bo Kristensen

Male Escort in Greater Copenhagen, Danmark

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During normal office hours I make a living as Senior Procurement Manager in Danske Bank in the IT Services & Software category. During my off hours I'm Editor-in-Chief on the Danish gaming magazine GamersLounge. With the new PlayStation 5 hitting later this fall I need to save up some money. After my epic fail on OnlyFans (https://onlyfans.com/durazell) with a total income of $5 I will give it a try as Male Escort. Woman only, aged 35 or above to accommodate the half 7 rule. I even have made a slogan than only makes sense in Danish: “Du ringer og kalder – Jan kommer og knalder”. Please reach out and we'll figure something out. I really need the money. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. (If you are in doubt I'm on the right of Karin Cruz in the photo above)

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    • Male Escort - Only women 35+