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Writer in New York

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Known for her 'no holds barred' personality and hilarious celebrity interviews, Eb the Celeb is a ball of energy that produces content from the heart whether it's in radio, as a pop culture commentator, or blogging. She's been talent for WJMH in Greensboro, NC, ESPN Mobile, BET and more; and has worked as a music blogger/content producer for many VIACOM franchises, Essence Festival, Sirius|XM, VIBE, among others & continues to build her resume as a media personality. With over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry, her witty recollection of events and unconventional music critic tactics are both informative and entertaining, making her a sought after talking head. An A&R at heart, and really promotes music and artists she believes in, but definitely not afraid to tell it like it is if something is really bad no matter how high profile the act, has led her to be a brand online outlets really trust. No politics so there is never a dull moment just saddle up and enjoy the ride!