Ed Carter

Detroit, Michigan, USA

I’m a writer. I writer fiction (novels, short stories), poetry, and the occasional editorial/weblog. I can write copy. That’s all easy.

I host the 1st & 3rd Open Mic at the 555 Nonprofit Gallery & Studios, Though it is currently on hiatus. I produced and contributed to the Somethin' To Do podcast. I sing/play in Flatland Star..

You can see how the novel’s coming and muse along with me about writing, greater art, and the creative process at That Tumblr Link below, which will also take you to where you can read some of the lit I’ve written.

I attend Wayne State University. I like Coca-Cola and fonts without serifs. Sometimes, I get really enthusiastic about technology, yet always forget that my phone has a camera. Go figure.

  • Work
    • 555 Nonprofit Gallery and Studios
  • Education
    • Wayne State University