Elizabeth Martín

Hi! My name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Eli. I am a Spanish teacher for 5 years. I currently live in Madrid, but I was born in a village in Extremadura and lived for some years in Salamanca, one of the most important university cities in Spain .

My work is vocational. I have taught in secondary schools and academies.
For a year I'm giving Spanish classes online. It all started when I had to make my final dissertation project as an experiment and then I discovered that I love teaching Spanish online .

The relationship with students is much closer, I can know them better and adapt to your needs, so the classes are very prepared and very personalized. In addition, online teaching allows me to unite my two passions, social media and TIC and teaching.

I'm one of those people who could not live without the Internet. My sense of wonder at the tools the web offers us is limitless and I use them in almost all areas of my life.

In addition ...

I love traveling and meeting new people.

I really enjoy cooking, especially experimenting new dishes and mix different flavors, but also love the traditional cuisine of my country and I'm no wrong.

I enjoy learning new things, last year I did a full course of ayurvedic massages and this year I'm learning to be more flexible by practicing Pilates.

I love music pop and Indie before heard a lot of music in Spanish, but I'm improving my English, so I'm discovering new bands that sing in English.

My perdition is chocolate pure black and, since I've learned to do it, the carrot cake.

You know something about me.

See U around!!