Francisco Martinez

Director and Social Media Manager in Chicago, Illinois

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I AM TheFranc, Son of Man, a self-directed Communications fellow, observant researcher, systems thinker with a background in Engineering that led me to strong curiosity & self-study of human innovations, design & functionality of all things.

In my youth, I loved winning at video games which led to a love for visual graphics, calligraphy, monograms, illustrations, art & architecture. As a motorcycle owner in high school, I naturally developed a strong attraction for elegant design, marvels of engineering & machinery.

Being the top student in Advanced Geometry in college, I developed exceptional ability in mental visualization which I utilized to reverse-engineer & create 3D parametric solid-models using Autodesk & PTC's Engineering software that would land me a job at a startup company that designed & built custom automated conveyor machinery for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly line industry.

While working as a mechanical engineer, I began self study on Science & mechanics of Subatomic Physics & other subjects. After leaving a job as map-maker/cartographer for a GIS firm, I began focused inquiries & mastered the art of "web search" as the internet grew vast in resources/info that led me to philosophy, theology, metaphysics and etymology while keeping abreast of research news from Fermilab Nat'l Lab Batavia, IL about the pursuit of the elusive "Higgs" boson/field aka God-particle, the mechanism theorized to give visible matter, its mass.

In developing my own conclusions, I created a drawing of what the Higgs field could actually look like & yea

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