Francisco Martinez

Director and Social Media Manager in Chicago, Illinois

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I AM TheFranc, Son of Man, a self-directed Communications fellow, observant researcher, systems thinker with a background in Engineering which led me to strong curiosity & self-study of human innovations, design & functionality of all things.

In my youth, I loved winning at video games which led to a love for visual graphics, calligraphy, monograms, illustrations, art & architecture. As a motorcycle owner in high school, I naturally developed a strong attraction for elegant design, marvels of engineering & machinery.

Being the top student in Advanced Geometry in college, I developed exceptional ability in mental visualization which I utilized to quickly learn & design 3D parametric solid-models using Autodesk & PTC's Engineering software that would land me a job at a start-up company that designed & built custom automated conveyor machinery for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly line industry.

While working as a mechanical engineer, I began self study on Science & mechanics of Subatomic Physics & other subjects. After leaving a job as map-maker/cartographer for a GIS firm, I began focused inquiries & mastered the art of "web search" as the internet grew vast in resources/info that led me to philosophy, theology, metaphysics and etymology while keeping abreast of research news from Fermilab Nat'l Lab Batavia, IL about the long pursuit of the elusive "Higgs" boson/field aka God-particle, part of the mechanism theorized to give visible matter, its mass.

In developing my own conclusions & created a drawing of what the Higgs field could actually look like & years later, evidently, I was right. I had attained deep understandings of the many aspects of our visible & invisible nature which is that

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