Gabby Wells

All my life I have been the chubby friend. I loved helping others and was a great dancer until I got injured. I started gaining more weight. I got married the first time with high hopes but soon realized I had made a mistake. I was abused and almost killed. I did the best I could then and took my child and left after being married 3 years. But depression kicked in and I gained more weight. Through gaming I have found my therapy, a way to get my anger and aggression out. Something I couldn't talk about because "good girls don't get mad". But I still gained weight because it only dealt with that one feeling. I did however meet my current husband gaming. Every year I set my New Year's Resolution to lose weight and it never really stuck until 2010. I have watched Biggest Loser since the beginning and they had a challenge to donate your weight loss to the hungry last year. I took it. I pledged 50 lbs, the max you could, because at that point I was at 337lbs. I finally felt needed. After all my family over the years had used the food bank. This way my ultimate sacrifice to my community and to give back to the very organization that had help me and my kids. I struggled a lot. I went back and forth on my resolution until March when I got serious. Then we moved and were homeless for 7 weeks. We just couldn't find an apartment in the city my husband had transferred to. I nearly gave up my fight but I found a friend on Twitter who got me started with Team Beachbody. It changed my life, helped me refocus. Today I have my own Fitness Business helping others get motivated and stay motivated. I have lost 53 lbs now so I met my goal for last year. And am pledging 50 more pounds this year. I am still motivated to continue because of the fabulous people I have met through Team Beachbody. Knowing how hard this journey is first hand, I want to let people know that it is tough but with a great coach you can do it too. Contact me and let's get you started on your journey to better health and being happy with your weight.