Gaya Lynn

United States

Gaya Lynn

United States


After writing press releases, lifestyle articles, profiles and fiction, I am freelancing for several sites, (SEO articles, PR) teaching part time and concentrating on a brand new site (a site about diversity, lifestyle and fashion) while also writing a blog about my sister and my life as her caretaker.

My sister was a mother, a composer, classical pianist, but she also had a terrible mental illness and was in and out of hospitals most of her adult life. When I was getting my masters, she told me, "Gaya, you go girl but I have a BA in love. " Her degree was more important in so many ways.

She also gave me the best writing advice: "Gaya, write real and honest, You act like a dude, so don't go flowery."

As for me, I am pretty quiet. I spend most of my time with my family, friends while I enjoy swimming and tennis. The people I admire most are just kind , smiling happy folk.

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Adesso, vi ringrazio.....La mia email: ( potete scrivermi anche in italiano)

My latest work is.... Un abbraccio forte. Thanks for stopping by.

be well.

with gratitude,

Gaya Lynn

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