Geetanjali Dighe

Mumbai, India

Publisher & Editor at IndianSF - Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories

Digital Marketer by day.

Writer / Poet in another dimension.

"In season trees fruit. In billon years, planets people; and then people art."

The old pond,
a frog jumps in.
- Matsuo Basho

"That life is worth living, is a necessary assumption and were it not assumed, the most impossible of conclusions."
- George Santayana

"Those that are not shocked by quantum theory have not understood it."
- Neils Bohr

Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful World,
With the wonderful water round you curled,
And the wonderful grass upon your breast--
World, you are beautifully drest.
- William Rands

"Some celestial event. No - no words. No words to describe it. Poetry! They should have sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful... I had no idea."
- Ellie Arroway in Contact by Carl Sagan

"There are cultures all over the Galaxy that trade dreams."
- The Caretaker in Contact by Carl Sagan

"All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landings there."
-HAL's last message to Earth

"Live long and prosper."
-Vulcan Salute

"May we live long and die out."
-Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT)

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