Gill Wallace Hope

Washington DC

Director General G242 - Equality - Opportunity - Prosperity

Presidential Advisor - G20 Policy Maker - FSB Advisor - Economist - Pioneer Crowd Funder - Expert on International Public Private Partnerships -Queen of Green - Social Entrepreneur -Green Technologist -Systems Developer - Billionaire - Global Citizen - Social Media Celebrity - Left-handed - Aquarian - Promotes Unity of Faiths - Humanitarian investing in orphans, Youth and Women

Lover of Love, Jacuzzi's, Pilates, dolphins, waterfalls, ocean, organic food, art, poetry, photography, fashion and culture.

Connected by:, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Huffington Post, Scribd, Empire Avenue, Klout, Picassa, Animoto.

Media: Nile TV, Business Middle East, MBC, Hawaa, Forbes India. MSNBC

Queen of Green IPO - Global Financial Roadshow -2013