Occupied Ireland

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Hi my name is GregoryRasputin, or rather that is the name i use on the internet.

I have a huge interest in games and games consoles.

I believe that all consoles should be hacked, not hacked for piracy, but hacked so we can run our own code, after all when we pay such high prices for a console, we should be entitled to run our own code.

When we buy a home computer, Mr Bill Gates doesn't stop us creating our own programs, we shouldn't be limited on consoles either.

I also have a huge passion and love for Palestine, a small country in the Middle East currently occupied by the quite new state of isreal, Palestinians are subject to all manner of abuses at the hand of israel, from beatings in the street, to false imprisonment of anyone who is Palestinian, including young children, to straight up murder of anyone who happens to be a Palestinian.

israel is quite fond of murdering young women and children, they get joy from murdering pregnant women.