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Hi my name is GregoryRasputin, i have a huge interest in games and games consoles.

My belief is that all consoles should be hacked, not hacked for piracy, but hacked so we can run our own code, after all when we pay such high prices for a console, we should be entitled to run our own code, when we buy a home computer, Mr Bill Gates doesn't stop us creating our own programs, we shouldn't be limited on consoles either.

Through my love of consoles i became a News Writer on the most popular PS3 Hacking site on the Internet

From there, i created my own websites dedicated to the history of game consoles, starting with the PS3 and continuing on with all the seventh and eighth generation consoles, as well as history on Retro Consoles, the histories will cover official history and of course hacking history.

I think that is all, click on the links below my services for all my console relate sites, thank you for reading.



Between June and August 2014, certain things happened, whcih means that i am no longer part of PS3HaX, reasons can be found on my personal blog, under the title 'Boycott PS3HaX'