Greg Searle

Innovation Consultant, Writer, and Sustainability Advisor in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Greg Searle

Innovation Consultant, Writer, and Sustainability Advisor in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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I’m a sustainability advisor, former high tech entrepreneur and United Nations strategy consultant. From 2005 until 2018 I was North American director for ONE PLANET LIVING at Bioregional, where I facilitated & designed ONE PLANET COMMUNITIES: healthy zero carbon/zero waste neighborhoods like the Grow Community.

I'm also the founder of assorted initiatives like TOMOYE CORPORATION (an internet startup acquired by NewsGator), and a long tradition of Ultimate Frisbee games at Villa Pamphili in Rome.


My passions include adventure sports and singing around campfires. I am a student of martial arts (Shorinjiryu Karate) & forest gardening.

I was technical lead on the Wa$ted reality TV series on Discovery Planet Green for 3 seasons. Over that period, our team provided the producers with ecological footprint reduction science and tactics, facilitating “sustainability makeovers” for ordinary American households & small businesses.

I regularly give keynotes and lectures at conferences & universities, from Harvard to Barcelona, on sustainable communities and behaviors, & on ground-breaking case studies like BedZED (where I lived).

I was a founding board member of the Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict, & am a former advisor to the Metcalf Foundation's Reinventing Growth program, & the Clinton Climate Initiative.

I also created and manage the WHEELS4REFUGEES volunteer drive helping refugee children who have fled from war zones get recycled bicycles.

I thrive on facilitating big ideas into reality for clients like Barcelona Housing Systems (Dublin/Barcelona), United Nations (Rome) & World Conservation Union (Brussels).

I am the co-founder and lead organizer of HARVEST NOIR. Since 2011 we have celebrated the harvest & local food, cycling, & vintage fashion with over 6,000 adventurous guests.

I have lived in London, Rome, West Africa, & Boston. I now live in a log cabin on the Gatineau River, & am often found in the Utah desert or on the coast of British Columbia.

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