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Welcome to my page. I am glad that you stopped by. Right to the point. Music is what I am. It's not just an life dream anymore, it's my reality. Whether or not I'm successful or not I will and am JAM!

I enjoy the production side of the industry and everything that is associated with it. I believe it is up to the artist to create brand new forms of Gruv and constantly move music forward. This can only happen when we step outside of the genre confinement that the "Commercial Industry" has put on us. There has been great progress in creating new styles but there is still, in my opinion, too much following the latest sound.

I hope to add to the conversation by constanlty putting quality that's from the heart. This include bringing in others and sharing our dreams of music without boarders. I hope all of us that carry the banner of creators much success, it is a labor of love to bring new life from nothing. But the mix of Commerce and Art should not be a hinderance to true creativty.

There are now two new Demo version of my latest creations. "Everything That We Do" and "Silly Love" that I hope you check out on the above Sound Cloud app. Look forward to hearing from by fellow creators and their work. Collaboration is always a possibilty as well. Let's come together for the cause of JAM.

May the Gruv be with you!!!

Tony (J.Tone!) LaMont

The above Soundcloud player will play all of the songs that I have on file. And more are being added weekly. It's sort of a "greatest hits" spanning from about 15 years ago until just recently. Please enjoy some of my home cooking.

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