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Harley Eblen

Singer Songwriter in Denver, Colorado

Harley Eblen

Singer Songwriter in Denver, Colorado

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My name is Harley, and I make music. I'm a folk singer-songwriter, and I sing sad songs for hopeful people. My music sounds a bit like Ed Sheeran and Leonard Cohen in couples therapy. If you think that's cool, then we'll get along just fine.

When I say music keeps me alive it's not an exageration. A few years ago I had a battle with depression that I almost didn't survive, and making music is what got me through it.

For as long as I can remember I have swung between euphoric highs and bottomless lows. Mental health isn't something that we talk about a lot, but it is one of the biggest themes in my life. As a result it ends up playing a key role in my writing.

Sharing songs with folks like you is what gets me out of bed in the morning, keeps me feeling that the world is a good place, and gives me hope for the future.

My goal is to use music as a space to talk about the touchier subjects in life. In addition to mental health, I find myself singing about politics, mortality, and finding a sense of belonging. I do my best to take these heavy subjects, and find the beauty and hope in them.

In a world that feels more divided every day, I feel that it is important to see the humanity in everybody. I hope that my music can help with that in some small way.

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