Chloe Marshall


Chloe Marshall


About Me:

My name is Chloe Marshall but most of the time I go by HelNik123. I write a lot. Not too much, but more than most other folks that I know. I have a blog page and a video blog page. Yes, I'm a blogger and proud of it.

I'm very dedicated to my family and will do anything for them. I try to be a great friend but as with most people, I fall short on some occasions. I can be brutally honest and unknowingly naïve.

I've been through a few tough times and come out the other side. I see the good and the bad in every situation. I look at things from every angle and always try to see things through everyone's perspective.

I have a passion for many things, most of which are unexplainable. People and social situations aren't my forte but I've grown to accept that. I'm quite happy to take the bad with the good as long as the good pays off in the end.

"Nobody ever said life was easy."

When life gets tough, listen to music. When life goes well, listen to music. Always listen to music.

Music saves my life, constantly. Music drags me back from the edge, gets rid of the tension and kicks my depression in the goolies.

I am who I am, I make no apologies. ;-)

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